The Fiction

Here you will find synopses, short-stories, samples of novels in-progress, world-building, and character vignettes.

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Urban Contemporary meets Science Fiction meets Epic Fantasy…

The 19 Witches of Titan Forge

Where we live isn’t exactly home to everyone here. For some, it’s a cage, a hole.

A prison. Its punishments and prisoners long-forgotten.

The plan. A perfect escape plan, concocted by an exiled pair of high-ranking war-criminals from a conflict no one remembers, anymore. A beautiful plan that was going great until it was bollixed by a misplaced sudden onset of self-awareness and moral compass. And a dumb kid.

A child from an old family with old ties to old promises made in a treacherous and blood-soaked past. A girl with a rare and incurable blood disease. A vanished girl. About 100 years ago.

At the end of the second decade of the second millenia, the details of the plan have faded, the prisoners liberated long-ago. All but two. One chose to stay, not the other.

But this is just the place we live. We aren’t prisoners, are we? Not our people. But our people are different than we knew.

Gateways and travel to other realms. Tragedy with every trip. Magic, Science, Mana, Logic, Chaos, Fear–just a few of the forces governing some of the realms. The 19. Shattered from a whole, they know not what they do, they are infants in a factory. Children playing God. All the while, here in the place we call home, bonds that transcend time and space are forged and tested, loves bloom under impossible conditions, friendships reshape foundations, and beings of little conscience conspire to exploit what resources they can before it all goes kaput.

Another war comes but it’s nothing like what any of them have known, and it is not the one they thought they’d be fighting. They are lost, without a compass, with no way back to how things were, no map to guide them forward. And while they’re busy sorting out who belongs where, they’ve yet to learn they’re already out of time to find their own way home, if home is even there anymore.

Further complications are likely due to what some folks would probably call a narrator, who for all appearances would seem to sort of have it in for authors… let’s just say, an Authorial Intruder. You can read that as an A.I. if you so desire. Just not the sort of A.I. that has anything of value or import to contribute, artificial or otherwise. So sayeth the author. Ahem….The Author.

Book 1: Of a Kind

A perfectly coiffed gender fluid 20 year-old from old money with a mild addiction to a particular MMORPG, a semi-pro raid party filled with IRL friends that could make any outcast feel like r royal, and a mother who’s learned to channel her acute OCD diagnosis into a small dynasty that would rival the work done by Marie Kondo. The relationship that used to be so close has taken damage with the two at odds over everything from the correct use of non-binary pronouns and whether or not online gaming constitutes a hobby or a possible career path, to how they should handle what seems to be the sudden disappearance of their family’s notorious 96 year-old matriarch. A matriarch who appeared to have deteriorated mentally, when in fact, her memories returned. Memories which stood in contrast to the woman she knew herself to be. Memories which demanded with growing imperative that she return to whence she came, and what she was. And so she did.

A Queen. Despite what anyone else says about gender, or lineage, or having an actual people in an actual kingdom to rule—a total Queen. A Queen who envisions herself as a sort of displaced royal rebel leader, up against an obviously insurmountable sort of empire. A Queen who was never a princess, whose legacy could rival the work done by Darcel, and RuPaul. All she needs is…an army, a team, a group, a party even…

Book 2: Malice in Whateverland

And preceding them all, there was something like a fox that was every bit the most excellent representative of the species but wasn’t a fox, from another realm. Raised in an enclave, the product of a clandestine experiment left to seed by the same forces against which that afore-mentioned Queen is keen to raise a rebellion, this rogue agent is a war criminal fleeing capture and execution. Thing is, her side won…she just didn’t want to be on that side anymore.

Book 3: Ghost the World

Book 4: A Rich Internal Life

The matriarch had been wandering off into the misty forest behind the estate’s rolling lawns and ornate gardens, in pajamas (though sometimes wearing a pair of brushed wool boot socks with her old Hunter Wellies), for years.